Thursday, February 23, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Back cover copy for Seen Sean?

Below is a first crack at the back-cover copy for Seen Sean?, the next installment in the Mason & Penfield Mysteries. I am not completely satisfied with it. Can you offer any suggestions?

When Senator Charles Jamison dies in an apparent accident in Afghanistan, some people mourn, some rejoice.

But when Sean McCloskey, an Atlanta teenager, overhears a conversation implying Jamison was murdered, he neither rejoices nor mourns. He disappears.

Detective John Mason is assigned to find Sean, but there don’t seem to be any clues anywhere — until Sean begins calling his family. Sean's cell phone is only turned on for a few minutes each day, but the places he calls from seem weirdly random — all over metro Atlanta and beyond.

Can Mason find the link between Sean’s disappearance and the dead senator? Will justice finally be served?